WR Wes Welker Finally Getting Noticed

Discussion in 'New England Patriots' started by wide right, Nov 16, 2007.

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    Patriots' Welker Finally Getting Noticed
    Source: David Heuschkel, Hartford Courant

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    I swear the hecker runs 6" off the ground at times. He's a snitch to defend against, because he's about the quickest white guy I've ever seen.
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    this article said he was slow? could have fooled me...dude looks fast...

    he's making a killing out there in the slot...he'll reach 1000 and 10 tds with ease..

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    Slow my butt. I wonder who in their right mind could watch him run,and "slow" comes to mind. :icon_rolleyes:
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    Welker's one of my favorite non-49er players. Hell, probably my favorite. I just love watching the guy play, full speed ahead all out balls to the wall 110% all the time. I love players like that, who might not be able to dominate with size or athletic ability or natural talent, but outplay and outwork everyone else on the field, who make it happen on guts and desire as much as anything else. It's funny that he and Moss are on the same team, because I've always viewed Moss as the very antithesis of a Welker type. A guy who coasts on his size and natural athletic ability, who if he gave half a crap could be the most dominant wideout to ever play the game, but tends to play (in recent history anyways) without any heart or effort. Moss gives less effort just because he can do it and get away with it. This year he's playing out of his mind (Moss), but still...I firmly believe he could have been the best ever. If he wanted to.
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    Miami missed the boat on this trade. I watched some of the Pittsburgh-Miami season opened last year and was very impressed with how he did then. Then he got injured and didn't do much the rest of the way. Excellent fantasy pickup for me so far and I believe I also did so last year.

    Somewhat reminds me of Kevin Curtis from Philly in how they are built.