X-Rays On Browns WR Joshua Cribbs Are Negative

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    Browns WR/KR Joshua Cribbs had a 37-yard run, the longest of the game, out of the wildcat to set up a field goal as well as runs of 18 and 14 yards out of the formation. With 13 more yards, he would've been the first rusher to gain 100 yards on the Steelers in 31 games. Cribbs underwent X-rays on his ankle after the game, but they were negative. "When the kicker tackled me the second time -- he was a linebacker in college, I've got to add that, a scholarship linebacker, I had to look up his stats -- he got me pretty good, rolled up on my ankle a little bit. I knew it wasn't anything serious but the Browns are really taking precautions to make sure I can be out there next Sunday. I got some treatment this morning, and I'll be back at practice on Wednesday."

    Source: The Plain Dealer