XFL: Ten Years On

Discussion in 'NFL General Discussion' started by andy82, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. andy82

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    The first (and only) XFL season kicked off today ten years ago, whether it being the ludicrous rules, the tacky production or the crapty level of play that gave us little more than the rebirth of Tommy Maddox's career, Vince McMahon's attempt at football will always be the measuring stick of football league failures for years to come.

    Here's a toast to He Hate Me, to no coin tosses, and to their awful championship trophy!

  2. DontKnowMe

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    don't forget no fair catches.
  3. Crowned

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    Screw time flies, it doesn't feel like 10 years since then.
  4. codatious99

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  5. SoDev

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    Anyone got a good highlight video for laughs?
  6. Don't forget, they created the over head camera shot which is now what ESPN uses on Monday Night Footbal
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  8. andy82

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    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bR91LunuY_s]YouTube - XFL Fan Picks - Hit of The Year and Finish of The Year[/ame]

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPcUAhpjVPA&feature=related]YouTube - XFL week 1[/ame]

    "Oh bah gawd king!"
  9. bigsexyy81

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    It was an entertaining idea. Football in the offseason, less rules, more action... just not executed well enough.
  10. The Mullet

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    Exactly. And with the Goodell era in full force and loom of a lockout I wish someone would attempt this again. Just don't try to get so creative (and stupid) with the rules.
  11. SRW

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    I remember some team had strippers who were cheerleading....and they were not "PG" by any means. The main thing I remember was the huge media push for the XFL and then the almost immediate collapse after everyone realized it was really crapty football.
  12. Alcohol_IV

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    Howard Stern was right. If the games were 1 hour shows with the crap removed they'd be good.
  13. codatious99

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    the camera angles and shotsthey got were pretty cool. the camera guy running up to a sacked qb. thats cool.
  14. The Manster

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    I thought it was a great idea and had a chance, with the fan base and name of WWE behind it they were able to get TV deals. To me the main problem with it that they wanted to make it more hardcore, no fair catches, less pass interfering calls and such and as an idea that what people say they want. These rules helped the defense but most fans do not want to watch a 10 - 6 game, they want to watch a 35 - 38 game.

    Even before the season started I hoped it would work but knew it would not.
  15. misfitz

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    they have for 2 seasons its called the UFL and its pretty good football as well!
  16. misfitz

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    sorry but i disagree with the no fair catches thats a great idea and lead to some amazing hits. Im tired of watching fair catches.
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  18. The Manster

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    The no fair catch was good, I also like the idea of no touch backs those force action. Some of other rules helped the defense which kept the scores down.