Yahoo! Claims Brett Favre Didn't Send X-Rays To Vikings

Discussion in 'Minnesota Vikings' started by SRW, May 10, 2009.

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    Mark Pesavente of Yahoo! Sports told's Mike Florio in an email that contrary to multiple reports no X-rays were sent by Brett Favre to the Vikings. "I don't want to come off as defensive, but since we're talking about the reporting of this story, please hear me out: Despite what [ESPN's Jeremy] Schaap reported (something other media outlets have latched onto), we know there were no X-rays sent to Minnesota. Our (highly-placed and very reliable) Vikings source told us so and Bus Cook has since confirmed that. So, my question to you, because I know you're interested in media is: Is it really our duty to write the 'ESPN is full of crap' story just because everyone now assumes - despite evidence to the contrary - that the Vikings are holding X-rays up to the light to see what that weird crook in Favre's bicep is? Because as of [Saturday], what we wrote is still accurate: Childress and Favre talked on the phone, and that was it. There are no X-rays. Both sides are worried about Favre's health, and for many reasons, both sides have decided to move on. There is no deal and, according to our source, there will be no deal. And there's absolutely nothing from Favre's side to refute that. We're not writing anything more because, as of now, there's nothing more to say."

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    Yahoo and PFT are in a pissing contest....
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    That's it.

    I'm texting Brett right now to see what the truth is.
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    Better yet, send an e-mail to Bus Cook since he knows every move Brett makes anyway.
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    They should all refer any questions they may have to Trent Dilfer.