You Guys Were Right - Pre-Draft Predictions.

Discussion in 'NFL General Discussion' started by Nukleopatra, Nov 28, 2010.

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    My fondest memories here at Gridiron, as a newbie, is the pre-draft predictions a couple of morons made about Sam Bradford being ''damaged goods'' and not being worthy of the #1 pick. A couple people went as far as to say, Bradford is a 2nd rounder at best, and that the Rams should draft injury prone Jimmy Clausen at #1. You guys all know Jimmy, the ''most pro-ready quarterback'' coming out, right? Now, I laughed, of course, but after seeing my boy Sam Bradford during his years at Oklahoma, and during his rookie season thus far, I just hope he doesn't hurt that shoulder by throwing too many TD passes throughout his NFL career.

    By the way, I haven't been paying much attention to Jimmy, because like his college career, he's always been irrelevant - but, yeah, how's he doing?
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    Dude your hindsight is like 20-20 bro. Way to wait until week 12 of the year to post just how right you are, Nostradamus.
  3. Bradford now has 17 TD's with 9 INT's on the season......he is studly.
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    hey you guys remember i told you that Vick would be starting and Kolb on the bench
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    I have to know, what is that THING in your avatar, Nukleopatra?

    Bradford has done okay so far. Not quite as good as some other rookie QBs over the past couple years, but not bad at all.
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    So, I should wait until Clausen loses his job again, before saying he completely blows?

    I can do that.
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    seasons not over yet.......
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    with your mouth
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    Doug Williams, is that you?

    **********Automerged Doublepost**********

    True enough - again, I just hope his ''damaged'' shoulder can handle all of these TD passes. That's all I'm saying.
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  12. glad I was right about Bradford and Clausen.

    Had a bad feeling about Clausen and that's why I had him as a 2nd rounder.

    Always felt good about Bradford and felt he could do well in a pro style offense.
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    He/she is right. Most people on this board thought the Rams were dumbcraps for taking him first overall. Myself included. I thought he was first round talent, but figured he would no way live up to his draft position, especially on that team.

    And he is blowing up.

    Serve me a side of crow.
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    Save a piece for me.
  15. Nukleopatra

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    Same. Although, it's a bit too soon to label Clausen as a failure - I had him labeled that since his college days. Personally, I wouldn't have touched the guy until round three, but I can't blame Carolina for grabbing him in the second. The whole ''first round talent'' thing that was going around on this forum and many others, was completely laughable, though... and the #1 choice to St. Louis? It wasn't going to happen, not even for a minute. Truth is, he didn't impress a single person in the organization - hell, he left a bad taste in their mouth, so that entire rumor, was just forum based, and 100% crap.

    I shouldn't be too hard on people here, because as fans, all we get to judge these players on, is what we see on TV.. So, we just throw an opinion up in the air and hope we're right - fortunately for St. Louis and the fans, no one at this forum is in charge of drafting players (no offense.)

    St. Louis hasn't had a franchise quarterback since Warner was chased out of town, so it was important that they don't screw this one up, since passing on both Mark Sanchez and Matt Ryan, for Marc Bulger, who never had the leaderhip to be a franchise guy, even during his ''good seasons.'' The biggest knock on Bradford was his ''damaged shoulder,'' which wasn't a concern at all.. I mean, could he fall on it next week and be out for the season? Of course... but he can also be in a car accident. You don't pass on a franchise guy, this good, because of what could happen. There was never any question about who the better leader was, or better football player - because Jimmy Clausen wasn't even close... Rams organization will even tell you that.

    When Carolina drafted Clausen, we were told he had talent around him, and he's still failing... You give the Rams Jimmy Clausen, and we're 0-11 right now.. You give Carolina Sam Bradford, and they're a much much better football team, because players play better, when they care about helping the guy leading them. And after a couple years with Jimmy Clausen, no one will care about the guy.

    Ryan Mallett will be the 2011 Jimmy Clausen - I can't wait to see which dumbass team falls for that guy.
  16. 86WARD

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    I don't know...I said the Rams should've taken Suh over Bradford. Was I wrong?
  17. Omen

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    Where's Andy he said the rams taking Brsdford would kill the franchise

    Didnt he yea I think he did
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    One of my friends is a Rams fan and he pretty much said the same thing on draft day. Now he can't shut up about how good Bradford is.
  19. Omen

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    Truthfully I baby remember what I said about him I can't remember what I said 2 days ago I do remember thinking he as injury prone and thought he might not last but bc of injuries
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    Nope, you weren't. That's a question we'll never know the answer to.

    You probably felt the same way I did, that Bradford had potential but not a great chance in STL because of how many holes that team had (has). He's playing great ball and proved me wrong for thinking he couldn't succeed, but I never questioned his ability.