You Know What We Could Use? More Weekly Features

Discussion in 'GridironFans Support' started by SRW, Dec 25, 2010.

  1. SRW

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    I think we could use more weekly features in the NFL Blog. Seems like we have Power Rankings and the Playoff Picture going but when the offseason is here what do we do? I had some ideas on some weekly features:

    • Winners/Losers Around The NFL
    • Top 10 Lists
    • NFL Draft Prospects By Position
    • A Weekly Rant Column On The Most Boneheaded Decision (Think "C'mon Man" on ESPN's Monday Night Football Pregame show)

    I threw those out there as ideas. Maybe having a schedule and structure on what to write will help bloggers focus and then be able to write more. I also feel that is a reader begins to learn when to expect what they will look out for it more.

    Thoughts? Comments? I'd love to hear them guys.
  2. I know I still have my Hall of Fame blog to finish.

    Haven't got around to finishing it because I've been under the weather this week. The HOF blogs will be in linage to the Top 10 lists.

    I will do one for each position.....based off of the NFL Network's Top 10 segments. I'll get the QB list wrapped up sometime next week.
  3. I got the draft stuff but it's a little early Man. After the bowl games are over and draft season starts I'll be churning out articles on the draft. Just not alot going on right now other than games.
  4. SRW

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    The idea is to give consistent content to the site's visitors so that if they do like your writing they can come to expect what and when from you as a writer. Try to create deadlines for when to have your article in so you can deliver the goods in a timely manner to your readers.

  5. with something like the nfl draft that's hard to deliver until Jan.

    right now I've just been doing scouting reports.

    In Jan I'm hoping too have:

    1st mock draft, player rankings, full sr. bowl and east-west shrine game info, and scouting reports on all declaring JR's.
  6. SRW

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  7. TheDuke

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    I can try to get my fingers on some "C'Mon Man" type stuff. I'll start churning out some stuff maybe starting with the Tuesday game decision? Hmmmmm??? Who knows really but I can write some POV pieces.
  8. ravenfan52

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    I got an idea. How about Best Play of the Week and Worst Play of the Week? If it was week 15, DeSean's would be best play...and maybe worst play too. Not sure. It's a bit late, but I guess I could start with week 16 and continue through the postseason. I also liked a segment NBC used to have on FNIA when Olbermann was still there: Worst Person in the NFL. Here's an opportunity to be creative. I think I can take advantage. I'm also gonna get my awards predictions up soon. Then again, that's all still in-season.
  9. CaptainStubing

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    during the off-season, i will be doing a winners/losers of the previous week of the off-season, where i will give my opinion on whether i think a player or team or coach was a winner or loser with whatever 'news' they made the previous week.
  10. Capt. You could do that with FA signings as well.
  11. CaptainStubing

    CaptainStubing Gave her a Dirty Sanchez

    yes. my winners/losers column will include everything from fa signings to coaching moves to what kind of beer a team chooses to serve in 2011 ........... it could include anything.
  12. good stuff Man. I'll be looking forward to reading that. :clap:
  13. SRW

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    Very cool, happy to see everyone starting to chatter some in here and bouncing ideas around. Hopefully this think tank will be helpful to anyone with writer's block.

    I should be unveiling some new sub-forums for some of the more active bloggers. I will be contacting them via PM to ask them what they want their blog's title to be.
  14. TheDuke

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    Anyone interested in doing "The League in Black and White." Either a weekly or bi weekly column where we either take 1 common thing and write a blog that has differing opinions or people can suggest them and we can answer a few questions. Might be a way to get some more folks registering as well. The name isn't set either. It's in the Beta version. Anyone?
  15. ravenfan52

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    oh god, i'm just dreading the inevitable ridiculous things we call news in the offseason, like in may, and june - :dirty29:
  16. SRW

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    Why? If anything it will give blogger A LOT to talk about. Speculation, the rumor mill. People love it and eat it up. So how are you going to serve it up and have them asking for more? That's what I think this group can develop.
  17. Omen

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    A bunch of good ideas I kinda like the dukes idea....if understood correct two bloggers choose a subject or question they give there opinion

    I'd be interested
  18. Jihad Joe

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    I'll do an up and comer spotlight
  19. SRW

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    Like college player for the draft? Or NFL up and comer?