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    While all is mostly quiet on the western front that is your typical NFL July, noticeable blips continue to pop up on the radar out of New Orleans, where all eyes remain on Saints tight end Jimmy Graham’s continued franchise tag saga. With training camp less than two weeks away, here is a quick roundup of this week’s events in the Big Easy… Graham D-Day Approaching Just over a week after arbitrator Stephen Burbank ruled in their favor, the Saints have yet to strike an agreement with Jimmy Graham on a long-term contract. As of today, an appeal to Burbank’s ruling has yet to be […]

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    Can't wait to see how far Armstead has come along. He did start off slow but held his own come playoff time against decent pass rushers. Can't wait to see how Rob uses Vaccaro. More of a run stopper, like a more talented Harper, who can cover the slot.
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    Camp countdown- 12 days
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    I'm loving Armstead working out with Roaf!!!
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    hope Roaf will show him the little tricks he learned back in the day.