Your no-frills, glass half empty, glass half full, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2017-18 season preview

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    I have an oddball group of friends who love to talk to me about sports.

    This one friend, for example, swears Jameis Winston is primed and ready to throw for 5,000 yards this season. We even bet a dinner on it. He’s a little delusional. My friend, that is, not Jameis Winston.

    But why wouldn’t he be confident that the Buccaneers’ third year quarterback will finally come into his own this season? After all, they landed a huge, and more importantly speedy, off-season weapon in DeSean Jackson, intended to stretch the field. They drafted one of the most explosive playmakers available, tight end OJ Thomas, to give Jameis yet another offensive option. He still has his number one target, Mike Evans, who is rapidly becoming one of the league’s top wide receivers. And all appears to be chummy in the clubhouse, or at least so it appeared on Hard Knocks episode one. For all intents and purposes, this team looks ready to rumble.

    Despite all that, I played it smart and took the under on the passing yards wager. Five thousand is a lofty number.


    By all accounts, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers should have a successful season. This team is slowly but surely assembling pieces to become a consistent contender. All is most assuredly bright on the Western (Florida) front.

    Then why am I so concerned?

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