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Discussion in 'NFL General Discussion' started by LebaneseFF, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. LebaneseFF

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    As a Redskins fan I was kinda forced to always have a second team because they just sucked! So I am wondering how many of you actually care (I won't say like) but care about another team? and which team is it? and why?

    For me it's the Arizona Cardinals.
    Why: I lived in Glendale AZ getting my MBA during the 2007-2010 period, which coincided with the SB in Glendale (The David Tyree catch) in 2007. Followed by the Cardinals run to the SB in 2008, and the great 2009 season.
    I was very happy with the Bruce Arians hire and the defense has been outstanding thanks to Patrick Peterson's amazing leadership. I think this franchise should be competing every year, they have a great location to attract big name players. (however most are scared of the Sheriff who puts DUI drivers in Pink underwear) reference and link right here.


    Wasn't Charles Barkley as senior member ? :icon_twisted:
  2. Steve12

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    For me it's the Bears. I live in central Illinois and listen to alot of sports radio because I hate the music on the radio. And obviously they always talk about the bears. And the bears are always on TV every Sunday. My whole family are bears fans. So I like the bears. But if it came down to a bears vs patriots super bowl, the bears can get hecked.
  3. Kurt

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    Im a Saints fan first an foremost. If they falter in the playoffs I usually choose the last standing UNDERDOG..
  4. Diesel44

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    Redskins,Redskins ,Redskins,but if i had to pick a second team it would be the panthers cause i live 3 hours north of charlotte.
  5. ragman

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    No other team, really.
  6. Diesel44

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    i just pull for the redskins really,along with bama and the cubs for over 40 years.i pull for uva in football,and they are quite a joke.
  7. markaz

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    Kansas City Chiefs. Born and lived in KC for 36 years and was a season ticket holder for 10 years.
  8. ragman

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    Any other team BESIDES the Beagles and the Midgets.
  9. Badger

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    Ravens. My fiance and her family live in Maryland and I love the attitude of the Ravens and how they incorporate the Maryland state flag into their logo.
  10. TJ

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    San Diego Chargers. I was born in Tijuana and lived my first 8 years there. Maybe a few more years and I'd be a Chargers fan first today. My dad is a huge Chargers and Padres fan.
  11. smeags

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    so it's the skins. ok gotcha.
  12. smeags

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    for me it would be the steelers. pennsy team with no rivalry.
  13. Mike

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    The ravens. They're localish
  14. DontKnowMe

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    I always liked the 49ers, Saints, and Broncos
  15. Diesel44

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    way back in the 1970s,i was the local kid who wore redskins stuff but always had a raiders tobaggan on when we played in the snow. the raiders under madden were some bad mofos,and i loved them almost as much as i did the skins for awhile.
  16. Walnuts

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    Raiders. I actually began my football fandom living in the East Bay and rooting for the Raiders (in preschool, natch) but when they moved to LA we all switched allegiances to the 49ers. Plus it's just a NorCal/Bay Area thing, I'm always going to pull for a "local" team (even if they aren't "my" team) over some foreign-to-me yahoos.
  17. Steve12

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    Was that axionjaxion's team?
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  20. Dougerrrr

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    Guess I'd pick the Packers next. I'd love to say the Ravens because of my Maryland ties but....they're just the Browns in purple nope.
    Packers are my second team if I have to choose another.