Youth, Passing Game, Special Teams Factors In Broncos Drafting Two Safeties?

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  1. Dan Pompei of the National Football Post reports that the word out of Dove Valley is the Broncos had three reasons for selecting two safeties in the first four rounds—Rahim Moore in the second and Quinton Carter in the fourth while ignoring some glaring needs in the draft. Reason 1: Starter Brian Dawkins is 37 and starter Renaldo Hill is 32. It’s not like they believe one of their young reserves is a can’t miss up and comer, so the team badly needed some youth at the position. Reason 2: The safety position is gaining increasing importance given the advances in the passing game and the Broncos needed to upgrade. 3. They need help on special teams, and safeties usually are plug and play on special teams, even if they aren’t ready to help the defense.

    Source: National Football Post
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    I find it funny when teams have to justify drafting youth at a position where they have to +30 year old players there. You can't run this business with a soul. The NFL and it's owners have none of that.