Zach Thomas To Donate His Brain To Concussion Research

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    Miami Dolphins folk hero Zach Thomas, after a career marked by repeated concussions, is donating his brain to the Boston University School of Medicine, which has conducted groundbreaking research on football-related trauma. Thomas played linebacker for 13 seasons. He attempted to make it 14 last year, but the Kansas City Chiefs cut him after he suffered another concussion in training camp. "I would like to make sure the game of football survives," Thomas said in a story by Palm Beach Post reporter Hal Habib. "The scientific findings to date are clear that repetitive trauma to the head results in [chronic traumatic encephalopathy] in many athletes. I want to do my part to help the researchers understand this disease and to discover treatments and an eventual cure. This is not just about professional athletes who may know there are risks to the game. This is about making sure that the game is safe for all of those children playing the game today and in the future."

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    Thats awesome and will give alot back to sports - clutch move by Thomas... even though he doesn't really have to do anything.