Ziggy Hood's Emergence Fortifies Steelers Defensive Line

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    Defensive end Ziggy Hood is one of the strongest players on the Steelers, though apparently there are different classifications for that quality. "I'm grown-man strong," veteran nose tackle Casey Hampton said. "He's weight strong." Two things that aren't in question when it comes to Hood: He has gotten stronger as his second NFL season has progressed, and his emergence couldn't have come at a better time for the Steelers. Hood collected all three of his three sacks -- tied for third on the team -- in the Steelers' final four games, including one after a perfectly executed spin move in Cleveland. His increased production didn't just result from extended playing time due to an injury to starting defensive end Aaron Smith. It is also the product of Hood getting healthy after battling a nagging ankle injury earlier this season. "All of the pieces are starting to fall into place," the Steelers' 2009 first-round draft pick said. "Now it's just the small things like more technique and really staying at it. All of that can be added through film study and critiquing yourself."

    Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
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    those quotes are from OTAs

    ive been mildly impressed with him most of the time, mostly as a pass rusher. run game is not his thing, but hes been pretty solid off the edge and in pursuit.

    patriots oline molested him, im worried about that matchup. ravens shouldnt be a problem