Zygi Wilf Feels Rick Spielman Is 'The Perfect Man' To Run Vikings

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    The New York Post reported eleven days ago that an unnamed source said the Vikings owners, Zygi and Mark Wilf were pursuing Bill Parcells and told him to "name his price" to oversee the Vikings' football operations. "It's not true -- that was my reaction," Mark Wilf told Mark Craig of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. "That's why we quelled that report immediately and moved on with our business." Rick Spielman was promoted from vice president of player personnel to general manager in early January. Wilf praised Spielman's attention to detail, ability to organize, evaluate talent and interact with others. "From A to Z, he has all the tools you need to run a football operation," Wilf said. "We felt he was the perfect choice to be our general manager. Rick has the ability to follow through on a plan. He's disciplined, but will be aggressive when he has to. It's a plan that we're all comfortable with. We're following his lead. We were not inactive in free agency," Wilf said. "There were players who were more top-headline players. But we've been very active in terms of the quantity of players [eight] we brought in and trying to create depth. There's a certain approach to this that the vast majority of successful teams follow. We know that if we follow that structure, we'll be successful for the long term."

    Source: The Redzone