Zygi Wilf Says He'll Reach Out To Brett Favre "In Due Time"

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  1. Vikings coach Brad Childress has said on numerous occasions since the season ended that he isn't going to push Brett Favre to make a decision about whether he will return next season. On Monday, owner Zygi Wilf echoed that sentiment while voicing optimism about the situation. "There were a lot of people who questioned us last year both with the decision of bringing him on board and him coming on so late, but it turned out to be a great decision," Wilf said on the second day of the NFL owners meetings at the Ritz-Carlton. "We're looking forward to having him come back this year. We understand it could work either way, but certainly with the team that we have I would expect that he and everyone else is excited to come back to fight for a championship again." Wilf has had no contact with Favre since the season ended but said he gets regular updates from Childress and other staff members. "I'm going to [reach out to him] in due time," Wilf said. "We just want to let things sit and we'll work on that."

    Source: Minneapolis Star-Tribune
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    In due time? As in once training camp is over?
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    Brett is being preserved in ice in the offseason so he doesn't age as fast!
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    Or as in Favre thinks it's the right time