Zygi Wilf Says Vikings Committed To Stadium In Arden Hills, Nowhere Else

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    Vikings owner Zygi Wilf emphasized Friday in a letter to Gov. Mark Dayton that he's committed to building a football stadium in Arden Hills - and only in Arden Hills according to Frederick Melo of the St. Paul Pioneer-Press. Wilf said the $400 million or more that he and the NFL are willing to dedicate to a $1.1 billion stadium is site-specific. If the state chooses Minneapolis or another location for the new stadium, the money won't follow. "The Vikings' private investment of more than $400 million is specific to the Arden Hills location because of the opportunities that exist with that site," he wrote. "Any other location would not justify anywhere near the level of commitment we have made in Arden Hills." The rest of the funding was to be public money: $300 million from the state and $350 million from a 0.5 percent sales tax in Ramsey County - though officials have since said such a tax is unlikely.

    Source: The Redzone