Greg Jennings Returns In WK 11?

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By Gabriel Cervantes (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
By Gabriel Cervantes (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
The million dollar question for Packer fans this week, is whether or not Packers receiver Greg Jennings Returns in WK 11. As it stands right now there are two factions at work here: Jennings himself, and the team of doctors treating him.

Greg Jennings feels he could return “sooner” rather than later from the groin injury that has bothered him and fantasy owners all season according to Tyler Dunne on Twitter.

His doctors do not share the same optimism.

Fantasy football fans should be aware that Greg Jennings tried forcing an early return from this same injury earlier this season which is why he is currently sidelined. The idea here is that the Packers will not make the same mistake again and allow his haste to overrule his judgment, so expect him to sit.

I would also recommend entertaining a solid trade if you can pull it off. Greg Jennings may not offer much in the way of effectiveness going forward, and as a fantasy owner, you no longer have time to wait around and see—just saying.

Two Other Major Fantasy Concerns Discussed:

Steelers WR Emmanuel Sanders was supposed to be this week’s golden waiver wire pluck. After many learned that fellow WR Antonio Brown was not going to play Monday night, the general consensus was that Sanders would benefit.

That did not happen.

Big Ben went down with a shoulder injury; an injury that could sideline him for a few weeks according what Jason La Canfora is hearing, and the weather was less than cooperative to say the least.

The issue here is Big Ben’s shoulder injury. This (injury) regards his throwing shoulder and things aren’t looking too favorable for him right now.

The other situation is the status of Antonio Brown.

Brown’s availability for next week’s game won’t be clear until later this week. Even if Brown sits again, Sanders could wind up being more of a boom or bust start than a reliable source of points with all things considered.


Finally, in last week’s WR Rankings I discussed Rams’ receiver Chris Givens a bit. His fellow teammate and receiver Danny Amendola returned from injury, and many were wondering how this would eventually effect Givens.

Well, Amendola shined (12 targets, 11 catches, 102 yards with an additional 79 yard catch overturned in OT), while Givens sat due to a curfew violation.

The point to last week’s analysis was that we would all have to wait and see what Coach Fisher does with Givens now that Amendola is back.

Well nothing has changed.

Givens does offer the team a deep-ball threat, as well as, a nice underneath WR option, but without truly knowing at this point, you’re taking shots in the dark.

If you can afford to take the risk with him, then by all means. But if you’re swaying back and forth like many fantasy owners right now, he isn’t worth the start until we all know for certain what his future role will be.

Stay tuned for my WK 11 WR Rankings coming later today, but in the meantime, get an early start on this week’s Rankings.