Off Season NFL Power Rankings

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With so much movement throughout the league, I have decided to put together a  top 10 team by team Power Rankings list based off of new and old player acquisitions this offseason.

1) Seattle Seahawks

Let's be honest, as my first rankings I have to start with the Super Bowl Champions.. Even with the new salary cap number this year, some notable cuts of DE Chris Clemons, Sidney Rice, Red Bryant, Heath Farwell, and a restructure of Zach Miller saving of roughly 25.5 million will help them with there re-signings of Michael Bennett, Anthony McCoy, and Lemuel Jeanpierre. Hopefully they can replace Golden Tate from last season either by draft pick or Free Agent pick up.

2) Denver Broncos

As the Superbowl runner ups they were torn apart so bad defensively there historical record setting offense couldn't stay on the field. What did they end up doing thus far in free agency? Losing Eric Decker to the Jets was a big loss and hopefully there signing of Andre Caldwell can help with the loss. Signing DeMarcus Ware, T.J Ward and Aqib Talib should help a defense that was pretty weak without star Von Miller.

3) San Francisco 49ers

Falling to the Seahawks in the NFC Championship game must be disheartening for the 49ers after twice coming within a Super-bowl appearance and championship. However there Offensive Line was awful giving Kaepernick 2 sacks and was under constant pressure. Fixing there interior offensive line and getting healthy is key for this crew.

4) New England Patriots

After having a fiesta on the colts quarterback Andrew Luck, there regular season defensive flaws came into fruition facing the broncos dynamic offense. Losing Aqib Talib to injury and later free agency doesn't help them any. However signing Revis to replace Talib should help them not lose ground in the AFC playoffs. Look for them to make another deep playoff run and find another target for Brady.

5) Carolina Panthers

They had the talent and the chances to beat the 49ers but I think that bye did them in. Too many costly mistakes and they looked like they were asleep in the 2nd half. Franchising there Stud in DE Greg Hardy is a must to keep there top defense alive. Look for them to replace Steve Smith via the draft or trade.

6) New Orleans Saints

Upgrading there poor defense from last year is a must. There offense just can't keep up with the scoring. Staying under the cap this year is going to be key already losing Darren Sproles and Lance Moore on offense and Roman Harper, and Jabari Greer among others on defense.... Picking up top DB Jairus Byrd for a reasonable contract is a great steal.

7) Indianapolis Colts

Jeckle vs Hyde After a promising sophomore season by star quarterback Andrew Luck setting records, and a brilliant comeback win against Kansas City, throwing 7 interceptions in 2 games and giving up 87 points on defense is unacceptable. Look for the colts to improve there defense and maybe get another weapon for Luck this offseason. They will be back.

8) Kansas City Chiefs

After a remarkable one season turnaround, they had everything going for them including the wild card game against Indianapolis. I guess they weren't expecting the injury bug losing as many as 5 starters for the game and still almost winning. Keeping focus is key for them as well as recharging there offensive line after losing OL Brandon Albert to the Dolphins.

9) Philadelphia Eagles

Any one like high octained offense? After being one of the fastest running offense in Chip Kelly's rookie year, the Eagles were relatively held in check. Starting out the season opener running over 80 offensive snaps, is impressive. Getting Darren Sproles from the team they lost to for a low draft pick is a steal... Kelly must not be able to sleep with possibilities.

10) Cincinnati Bengals

After making the playoffs for the 3rd straight year, thats about all they have accomplished. Same as usual. fizzle out in the playoffs.. Look for them to find a replacement on the DLine after losing Michael Johnson and getting there act together.

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