Start Sit Advice For Week 12

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Week 12 Fantasy Football Start Sit Advice is brought to you by Scott Pineau. Every week Scott breaks down this Week's games and picks the winning team and who he likes fantasy wise, as a solid Starter.

Happy Thanksgiving, NO TEAMS ON BYE!!!

Houston at Detroit – Thur. 12:30 pm ET
It sure is nice to know that we can at least expect a competitive game from the Lions each year on Thanksgiving…at least for now. Nevertheless, I think the Texans will win the day. After what we saw from Houston last week this could be a shootout. Let’s hope it is! Start: Schuab, Foster, Johnson, Stafford, Leshoure, Megatron

Washington at Dallas – Thur. 4:15 pm ET
The Redskins, led by RGIII, looked like the team we saw in the first three weeks of the year, at least on offense. Look for an injured Cowboys front seven to give up a fair amount of yards. The Redskins should be happy with that as it will be difficult to pass on Dallas’ new elite secondary. I am bracing for a Washington upset (if you could call it that) over Dallas. Start: RGIII, Morris, Romo, Jones, Austin, Bryant, Witten

New England at New York (Jets) – Thur. 8:20 pm ET
With the way New England has been playing, even without Gronk, they should win convincingly over the Jets. Again there is speculation about Tebow starting at QB. Who cares? If the combination of tryptophan and eggnog don’t put you to sleep then a Pats blowout over the Jets will. Start: Brady, Hernandez (check status), Welker, Lloyd, Keller

Tennessee at Jacksonville – Sun. 1:00 pm ET
Although they are not technically mathematically eliminated, you and I know that the Titans are really out of the hunt. The line of contingencies that would need to take place for them to get in could fill a novel. That being said both teams could use this game to do some self-scouting to see what they have in players. Look for Locker to be less rusty than he was last week. Not buying the Henne revival, but it still could be a competitive game. Titans win, but it should be ugly. Start: CJ, Cook, Shorts, Blackmon

Buffalo at Indianapolis – Sun. 1:00 pm ET
Buffalo is a very difficult team to watch. They seemingly have so many good pieces in place, but the ones they’re missing will forever keep the ceiling of their success very low. Nevertheless, another shootout is on tap for these teams, which are both built for such an affair. I like the rookie at home in this one, keeping their playoff hopes alive. Start: Fitzpatrick, Spiller, Johnson, Luck, Wayne, Hilton, Allen

Pittsburgh at Cleveland – Sun. 1:00 pm ET
With injuries out the wazoo the Steelers will be hard pressed to come out of Cleveland with a win. But it is a win they desperately need to keep their playoff hopes alive. I look for the Browns to put up a good effort and make this one very interesting. The Steelers will barely escape with a win, but not without more injuries. Start: Wallace, Richardson

Oakland at Cincinnati – Sun. 1:00 pm ET
The Raiders’ misery will continue in Cincy as they lose to a team that is starting to improve in overall consistency. Dalton still needs to step up his game quite a bit, but he is getting a great deal of help from an outstanding receiving group. Look for them to bail him out of some tough situations. The Bengals defense is looking sharp also. Palmer will have to throw until his arm falls off. Start: Palmer, Reece, Moore, Dalton, Green-Ellis, Green, Gresham

Denver at Kansas City – Sun. 1:00 pm ET
They should just bronze Peyton right now. To do what this guy has done is unthinkable. Broncos dominate on both sides of the ball as they march toward a deep playoff run. Meanwhile, the Chiefs crawl toward the first overall pick in 2013. Start: Manning, Hillman, Thomas, Decker, Charles

Seattle at Miami – Sun. 1:00 pm ET
If the Seahawks miss the playoffs they will be one of the best two or three teams in the NFC to do so. They are right there in the hunt. It’s just a matter of stacking enough wins to get in, but they are soundly one of the better teams in the NFC. I look for them to have their normal grinder type of game where they pound the Dolphins at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Start: Lynch, Rice

Atlanta at Tampa Bay – Sun. 1:00 pm ET
Did the Falcons peak too soon? We’ll see, but they are suspect on the defensive side of the ball. The Bucs should put up some impressive box score numbers in what could be the fantasy goldmine of the week. I like Tampa in this one, but I expect to be on the edge of my seat the entire game. Start: Ryan, White, Jones (check status), Gonzales, Freeman, Martin, Jackson, Williams

Minnesota at Chicago – Sun. 1:00 pm ET
The Bears are desperate for Cutler to return as they Packers have dug themselves out of the hole and now have the same record as the Bears and hold the divisional tie-breaker over Chicago to boot. And if you witnessed how the Bears defense got squashed on Monday night, you can see why their fans may be tempted to panic. It’s not time to panic, at least not yet, as the Bears grind out a much needed win over a Minnesota team that is one dimensional on offense. Start: AP, Harvin (check status), Forte, Marshall

Baltimore at San Diego – Sun. 4:05 pm ET
The Ravens have shown themselves to be more injury-proof than previously thought. Their shifting defensive looks should confuse Rivers, baiting him into at least a couple of errant throws that could go for six the other way. But Norv Turner is doing more damage to the Chargers than Rivers is. After this loss San Diego might just mail it in. Ravens win convincingly. Start: Flacco, Rice, Smith, Rivers, Mathews, Gates

St. Louis at Arizona – Sun. 4:25 pm ET
These two teams are head and shoulders beneath the Seahawks and Niners in this division as far as their overall quality. Nevertheless, both teams are improving in many areas. Quarterback is not one of those areas for the Cardinals…in fact they keep getting worse by the week. By now Arizona absolutely must make QB their top priority in the offseason. Fitzgerald’s fantasy value has plummeted as a result. Since they can’t get him or anyone else the ball through the air, I expect the Rams to run away with this game. Start: Jackson, Amendola

San Francisco at New Orleans – Sun. 4:25 pm ET
No matter who starts at QB for San Fran I expect to see some Kaepernick in the mix this week. The Niners played extremely well against the Saints in the post-season last year. I look for their defense to keep up the momentum and keep the Saints from exploding on offense. Though the Saints will move the ball and they will score. I’m picking San Francisco in a very close match. Start: Gore, Davis, Crabtree, Brees, Sproles (check status), Colston, Moore, Graham

Green Bay at New York (Giants) – Sun. 8:20 pm ET
The Packers need this win to keep up with the Bears. There also might be an element of revenge in their minds as they face the team that shocked them in Wisconsin last January, ending their chances at a repeat. The Giants are well aware of how badly they have been playing. I look for them to play better, but still lose to a team hitting their stride. Start: Rodgers, Cobb, Nelson, Jones, Manning, Bradshaw (check status), Cruz, Nicks (check status)

Carolina at Philadelphia – Mon. 8:30 pm ET
And on Monday night we get to watch “Suck Bowl.” Thanks ESPN…thanks a lot. When will they start flexing in better games? Nothing to see here, but two teams with head coaches that are locks to get canned. I guess I should flip a coin to determine my pick. I’ll take Philly, but you might be better off doing a little Christmas shopping. Start: Cam, Olsen, Brown (if McCoy is out, otherwise go with McCoy)