WR Start Sit Week 13: The End Of Vincent Jackson?

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The End Of Vincent Jackson?

Vincent Jackson was supposed to come in and smoke the Indianapolis Colts secondary, right? Head Coach Norv Turner even said last week, Vincent Jackson was going to play a ‘major role’ in the offense right off the bat.

But sticking true to this season’s script, as fast as Vincent Jackson came back he was already out of the game, and now he’s potentially gone for “at least” two weeks reports NBC’s Andrea Kramer.

Well it can’t be all that bad, right?  At least San Diego has a couple of interesting waiver wire grabs now available for you to choose from.

Moving along to the Week 13 WR start sit, we find another bevy of quality players to start, some risky bets and a couple of players who absolutely must sit. Let’s take a look at what is on tap this week, and hopefully this week will be much better than last week, which I wasn’t too happy with.

As they say, though, “Hindsight is 20-20”.

The Start List:
1. Dwayne Bowe – Chiefs: 13 catches for 170 yards and 3 TDs against Seattle? It’s suffice to say that Bowe and Cassel are finally gelling, and this week’s match up against Denver makes Bowe my must start of the week.

The last time Dwayne Bowe faced off against the terrible Broncos’ secondary he torched them for 186 yards on 13 catches and two scores, and that was just Dwayne Bowe, let’s not forget what Sam Cassel did to them, too!

It seems anymore that every game the Broncos are in is nothing but a good old fashion shootout, and KC will be no different. Giving Dwayne Bowe the start is a wise move!

2. Brandon Lloyd – Broncos: Brandon Lloyd continues to lead the NFL as a receiver, and is one of the all around best fantasy options that refuses to be shut down. He’s on pace for 1,632 yards and 14 TDs, and the last time he faced KC, he blew them up catching 6 balls for 90 yards and two TDs. Start Lloyd with confidence.
3. Marques Colston – Saints: The Bengals suspect secondary should struggle heavily against Colston, who leads the Saints in targets. He’s a great start this week.
4. DeSean Jackson – Eagles: DeSean Jackson has a made in heaven showdown brewing with the Texans, and he’ll also have to significantly redeem himself if he wants out of Andy Reid’s doghouse. This start should do the trick.
5. Andre Johnson – Texans: Even with the possibility of Asante Samuel returning this Thursday, Johnson still has a favorable match up. He’s almost a half a foot taller than the ailing Samuel, and a lot healthier. Look for Johnson to also redeem himself for his little mano-Y-mano fiasco last week, with a huge game against the burnable Eagles secondary.
6. Greg Jennings – Packers: Don’t be too worried about Jennings’ foot, he’ll be fine. Against a stout Falcons secondary he still put up over 100 yards, and he should top that performance against a weaker 49ers secondary.
7. Calvin Johnson – Lions: He’s money every week, no matter who he faces!
8. Johnny Knox – Bears: Knox is becoming a very consistent PPR option and overall fantasy receiver averaging around 5 catches a game for roughly 70 yards per game over the last 5 weeks. But with the Lions on tap, Knox could be looking at his best game of the year coming up. He’s a great start.
9. Mike Williams – Buccaneers: The Falcons couldn’t stop him last time, and the Bucs are playing for the playoffs, so there is little chance they will stop him on his own turf. Start Williams this week.
10. Davone Bess – Dolphins: Another incredibly consistent fantasy receiver—especially in PPR leagues—Davone Bess is making the most of Brandon Marshall’s absence. He’s a great start this week against the lowly Browns.
The Risk List:
1. Anquan Boldin – Ravens: The Steelers look as if they are starting to improve in their coverage, and Boldin hasn’t done a ton to elevate him past WR2/3 this year. He remains a risky start.
2. Wes Welker – Patriots: Two straight weeks of solid play comes mostly from the fact that the Colts and Lions stink at covering slot receivers. Not so with the elite corners of New York. If you have a better receiver I say use him.
3. T.O. – Bengals: T.O. versus Jabari Greer spells R-I-S-K!
4. Roddy White – Falcons: Roddy White was shutdown the last time he faced Tampa, and Aqib Talib was the reason. Talib is that good to worry about him, even with Roddy White as your starter, so hopefully you have someone more comparable.
5. Sidney Rice – Vikings: Has to show more before you can trust him.
The Sit List:
1. OchoCinco – Bengals: OchoCinco has been fantasy MIA this entire season which has significantly hurt owners who were looking to cash in on the T.O.-Ocho-Combo…hey, that has a nice ring to it,QUICK someone Tweet OchoCinco.

The issue here is that he’s been averaging around 40 yards in his last five games, with little to show in the scoring department, and Carson Palmer hasn’t exactly been setting the world on fire.

To be honest, if they had a better QB, this duo might have been a whole lot better, but here we are. Keep Ocho on your bench this week.

2. Michael Crabtree – 49ers: Crabtree doesn’t stand much of a chance against the Packers D. Keep him sat.
3. Santana Moss – Redskins: Moss against New York? Not a good match up at all.
4. Mike Sims-Walker – Jaguars: MSW was shut down the last time they faced the Titans (2 catches for 16 yards). Don’t look for that to change this week.
5. Jacoby Ford – Raiders: Don’t read too much into Ford’s awesome 4 catch 108 yard and single TD performance last week, as he faces the number one defense in the NFL this week, and you saw what they already did to Indy. If you start him, you’ll be doing nothing but chasing stats.

Remember, feel free to leave your question below regarding your specific team needs, and as always, good luck this week.