10 Burning Fantasy Questions For The Upcoming 2010 Season

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As we sit and wait in anticipation for opening day of the 2010 fantasy football season, many of us—writers and readers alike—are taking a much needed breather, as we try to get all of our marbles in order.

So what better than a random thought column, eh? We have a couple of them floating around, such as Top Ten Fantasy Football Team Names—a personal favorite of mine—and even a great piece highlighting what you should do if you are Having Trouble Managing Multiple Leagues, which is a must read.

I thought I would pose some questions regarding the upcoming season for everyone  in no specific order, to see what everybody’s thoughts are. So please feel free to chime in at the bottom of the post, and let’s have some fun, shall we?


Is it me, or does the running back situation in Washington right now look as laughable as this guy. Clinton Portis is once again dealing with the injury bug; something nearly everyone here at FK has warned about for a couple of months now, Larry Johnson has basically shown us all that he is a borderline RB 2 on the Redskins roster at best, and Willie Parker will more than likely not make the team at all.

Does that mean there is significant room to believe Keiland Williams is the Redskins best option?


Speaking of RBBCs, who exactly is running the decision making process in Seattle when it comes to the running backs, the intern?

Leon Washington and Justin Forsett are the locks as the starters…yes starters—they will share the cargo— but Washington is coming off of major surgery, and Forsett has never really been a full-time back who has carried a heavy load.

And let’s not forget the Cowboys cast off Julius Jones who is now said to be a “lock” to make the roster (isn’t that nice?), and the addition, and quick release of, Bears cast off Adrian Peterson???

We fantasy owners need something far more concrete Seattle! What’s next, the resurrection of Seattle Seahawks great Curt Warner? (Yes, there was another Curt Warner other than Arizona's to clarify).


On the last episode of The Leinart Ends Here, Mr. Leinart expressed significant disdain towards his coaching staff for benching him and favoring QB Derek Anderson, which led to a heroic preseason performance in which he (Leinart) once again did absolutely nothing to impress.

So what gives?

Leinart really believes his performance thus far isn’t related to his benching (he’s probably a little water logged from all those nights in the hot tubs) rather to some innocuous issues with head coach Ken Whisenhunt. But the truth is Leinart stinks right now, and will probably be cut by opening day. Although Anderson could still preserve the fantasy value of the Cardinals receivers—namely Fitz…god help the poor guy—the rising question for you all in Keeper leagues and Dynasty leagues is whether or not Max Hall is on your radar…hmmm?


A show of hands: How many people actually care that backup QB Jim Sorgi is out for the season? Oooo, better yet, how many of you knew he was now playing for the other Manning brother in New York?


A real big question on my mind, particularly, has been just how much fantasy value Jamaal Charles will have this season, and lemme tell ya, I have conceded it will be a lot especially for those of you in PPR leagues.

Yes, fellow RB Thomas Jones is also in the backfield, but the bottom line is Charles has outplayed Jones in nearly every preseason game thus far if you’ve been watching.

Keep in mind kids, Charles gained 1,120 yards and 7 TDs in only 190 carries in 2009, and added 40 receptions for 297 yards and a single score.

I think Charles is due for a big year and he should hold better value than Jones, but that’s just me, what do you guys think?


RB Arian Foster (Texans) is literally running away with the starting role in Houston, and he figures to be a featured back at the goal line, since he can protect the ball well.

But that’s the real issue here, isn’t it?

Head Coach Gary Kubiak has a bit of schizophrenic practices when it comes to ball carriers who cough up the pigskin, which makes owners of Foster—myself being one of them—a little nervous.

But I am reassured because Foster is playing very well this preseason, and he is also playing with a chip on his shoulder, which could be the preservation aspect he needs to play a full season.


QB Donovan McNabb has been mentioned as a possible sit in the Redskins opener (ankle), but his teammates insist he will start.

McNabb has not only been dealing with inflammation in his ankle, but also a hap-hazard collection of receivers that won’t offer much to fantasy owners.

But doesn’t this bode well for TE Chris Cooley?

Cooley has already been learning all of the routes the receivers run, and the coaching staff has made no secret of getting him more involved in the passing game, which makes sense.

I mean, who else is a QB going to throw to if his WRs are average at best, right? As a side note, McNabb has thrown more career touchdowns to his TEs than any other position player other than RB Brian Westbrook.


Fantasy Football Sleepers are a great way to help your quest towards dominating your fantasy league, and so is this by the way, but what about those players everyone seems to forget about?

The burning question here is: How many of you know how much value a kicker can actually hold for your team? Don’t have a clue? Our own Evan Abrams elaborates in Five Players You Forgot About.


Vikings QB Brett Favre will begin the season with a Frankenstein style ankle, and a crop of receivers that isn’t really what he is used too, but it’s ok because Adrian Peterson is in the backfield right?

Well hold your horses there my jaded little Monkeys, this is—after all—Brett Favre we are talking about, and the guy has worked with much less.

But there are still some options to consider out of Minnesota as our own Tab Bamford highlights in this piece.


My last burning question has to deal with league management, team management, and overall knowledge base that all of you owners have, or crave.

We have been putting it out there for some time now about our packages that offer exclusive, customizable, advice for all of you owners, which also pays a forward focus to player updates at one of the lowest prices on the web.


Well, I can reassure you that it is NOT because we are a bunch of drunken idiots running amuck in the streets dressed in our favorite team jerseys…our own Kurt Turner got that out of his system last year when the Saints went all the way.

We offer these packages, and our one-of-a-kind Start-Sit advice and columns, because—we too— are Fantasy Knuckleheads. We understand the plight that surrounds every manager, no matter how well your team is built. So if you got this far, please check out all of our writers, and our packages, and stick with us throughout the season.

Our job is to keep your ship running right every week :)

Thanks for reading everyone, and see you in Week One!